The ‘Energy Flow Guidance’ Healing, 1:1 Mentorship consists of online sessions for getting past your limiting beliefs, releasing your energy blocks and expanding your mindset on the path to your core essence. The EFG Healing Mentorship is tailored to guide you to your clear vision, your mission, and how to learn to embody love and move beyond your fears, reaching your highest potential. Every EFG Healing session includes a personal grounding, expanding or activating sound bath live, online or in nature, in our secluded healing studio space on the lush fields of Southern Finland. The sessions may also include pulling oracle cards, specific feng shui remedies, energy flow guidance for the optimal energy flow of your space, or a guided meditation or activation tailored to your current energy blocks. We are creating the peaceful space inside of you and around you to support the inner knowing, the wisdom inside of you, lighting up your inner fire and guiding you towards your dharma, your soul’s true calling.

We are currently not accepting new EFG Healing Mentorship applications. Selected few spots will be opening in the fall 2024.