summer retreats 2023 in rosavilla, finland

full moon monday retreat – june 5h
new moon weekend retreat – june 16th to 18th
full moon monday retreat – july 3rd
new moon monday retreat – july 17th

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the philosophy

» sound bath with tibetan singing bowls and gongs »

the sound bath will lead you into a deep meditation and the world of consciousness. everything is sound and vibration. listening to relaxing frequencies balances the body and mind and helps you to find answers to your inner questions. let the oracle cards remind you about the wisdom that you already have inside of you.

deep inside of her,
she knew her life could be so much bigger

so much more fufilling
so much more joy

contained in this little box
that was her life

deciding not to be held small
ever again

finding her power
burning brighter than ever
created herself

all over again