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There is smoke in the air and pink and green light over the studio when we walk in with all our bags, takeaway coffees and tall heels, fashionably late as always. The studio is KEVIN KARA’S place of wonders.



Kevin Karakalpakidis is a really talented 27 year-old Digital Photographer. This is how Kevin’s art is descriped at his website WWW.KKARAPHOTO.COM :

Kevin’s Imagery is Bold and Strong. It grabs the viewers attention, Puts them in that moment. Through His Lighting he is able to capture the moment with all its emotions intact. Self taught and inspired by Artists before him Kevin developed a passion for Expression.

Most of his body of work consists of Dark Contrasting Beauties, from Artistic Nudes to High Fashion. In ways revealing the dark side in his subjects, the forbidden side in us. From his Black and White Images to his Colored, you can sense the passion in each unique image.

We also interviewed him for FEDITEDTV! Watch it below:

Like he says, his photos are full of passion and emotions. We had a fan, smoke, big flashes with colour and rough materials like wood and white cement at the set. It must have been the funniest photoshoot we’ve done for a while!

As a photographer, it’s important you to make a connection with a model. You should make the model feel comfortable and powerful in front of the camera. Great photographers don’t just know how to use  the camera but they have the ideas already in their head and they’re ready to improvise. Visual eye is something you’re born with and even if you can learn styling, camera settings, and the “guidelines” of photography, world famous photographers have talent that can’t be learnt anywhere.

Thank you KEVIN for having us on your studio! Follow Kevin at Instagram @kevin__kara & @kkaraphoto!