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We love fashion. Obviously. But at the same time we want to do great meaningful things in life, value the environment, hard work and art. That’s why we want to tell you something about the fashion industry.

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At this point we want to remind you of our backgrounds so you’ll maybe understand a little better our points of view: Emmi is an interior architect, founder and designer behind Emmi Kainulainen Creative Studio and the clothing brand CHAINE. Sarianne has studied Fashion Marketing and has done social media and creative branding for fashion companies and designers.

So we could say we know quite much about the fashion industry. Of course we’ve had those phases like every girl at a young age: Didn’t have much money but wanted to look good and buy the latest fashion.

But as you get older, you understand that those cheap shirts made of synthetic materials actually don’t even look good. After trying to sell those clothes with 50 cents at the flea market, you just get frustrated and throw them away or give them to charity.

Fashion is not just about what you wear. It’s so much more. You must have had – at least once in your life a moment, when you just stare at a beautiful garment. There’s just something magical and influential about that piece – a piece of art. If you buy clothes let’s just say one to two every week, do you realize how much that is in a year? That’s almost one hundred! And do you even love and really need all of them? NO! You just buy all those clothes because it brings you joy, comfort, power or it’s just a habit.

We give you some facts about fast fashion:

– Only 2/3 of the produced amount of clothes and fabrics are actually used

– Synthetic (nylon, polyester, acrylic) materials are slow to breakdown in landfills and with every wash shed micro plastic particles that go into water and into the food chain

– Fast fashion supports modern slavery and sweat shops

– Fashion is art and designs are someone’s artwork – that should be respected and given credit. Fast fashion supports piratism!

– Animals are being abused and used because of their skin or fur

– Fast fashion industry uses a lot of water for making fabrics and clothes



We asked the Finnish designer Lalli Savolainen, how does supporting fast fashion affect on designers’ and artists’ life?

“Of course it’s hard to compete next to giants like H&M. If people would just support more Finnish design and local small boutiques, there wouldn’t be so many designers and entrepreneurs that are trying to cope there with the high rents and bills. 

Altough I believe that slow fashion and environmental aspects are trending in the future. People are more and more interested in sustainable development and what materials their clothes are made of. It’s no coincidence that people are more sensitive to chemicals nowadays, because they get so much of them from what they eat, what clothes they wear, the environment etc.

I love to use natural materials like silk and cotton on my designs. Of course they’re more expensive, but they feel amazing and last longer. They are also unique and some designers like myself, can make some small changes to clothes so that they would fit perfectly on my customers in any occasions.  

Clothes should be treated with respect and love. Buy only things that are timeless and really sit on you.”

You’ll find Lalli’s Showroom at Iso Roobertinkatu 38, Helsinki and on social media @LALLIS.DESIGN / DESIGNER LALLI SAVOLAINEN