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We have already left the hectic New York, the city that never sleeps, and currently “relaxing” (not working around the clock) at our homes. It’s refreshing not to have that many people around you 24/7 (notice here our Finnish mentality), but we do miss the stylishness of NYC and all the fashionable people…



It has been fun to notice that style really changes depending where you go. We’ve been wearing the same outfits in New York and nobody commented anything. You need to wear something really special that people would take a notice. But in Minneapolis and Chicago, people really stoped on the streets and gave us compliments of our outfits. 

I like the social aspect in the American culture. Strangers greet warmly each others when they meet for the first time and give you a lot of compliments. Of course you have to remember it’s only the surface, but those little things give a nice first impression and first impressions are mostly hard to change.

New Yorkers have the guts to look dashing all the time and we should learn from them. I don’t mean you should be wearing your most spectacular outfits in your everyday life, if you don’t feel like it. But you should be brave enough to try new combos and wear those killer high heels whenever you like.

In Finland we too often think what other people think of us and are we afraid to LOOK GOOD. Years ago I read an interview in which a foreign man said that in Finland, in the same place, at the same time, he has seen the most beautiful and stylish women in the world, but also the most unattractive who have lost their passion of taking care of themselves.

Scandinavian style is minimalistic, easy to wear, comfortable and usually neutral toned designs. I hate to say this, but it can be sometimes a little bit boring – unless you have the courage to really use interesting mixes with textures and colours. Finnish design is known for it’s great quality and there is a certain group of people who are really into it. But if Marimekko is the biggest fashion house from Finland, should we start doing something differently to get to the top with world famous fashion houses like Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Prada etc?

I like the idea that women in New York wore stilettos and outfits that in Finland would be preferred as party outfits, in the middle of the day on weekdays. There were bodysuits, glitter jackets, leopard patterned trousers, hot pink boots, silver leggings… The list keeps on going! We got so much inspiration just walking around the streets of NYC.

We walked and we walked A LOT! So when going to NYC, pack your best walking shoes (and many pairs of them) with you. Also notice that taxis can sometimes be even cheaper than taking an Uber. Especially when the destination is close to you. The areas we recommend for trendy cafés, spotting celebrities and other fashion people, great nightlife and just enjoying the day are TriBeCa, Nolita & Soho, The Lower East Side & West Village, Chelsea & the Meatpacking District.

Walking around aimlessly is a great way to explore the city and to find yourself in places you wouldn’t have ended up otherwise. But if you have a hectic schedule, mark the places you want to go in advance. You’ll save a lot of energy, time and money – let’s not even mention loosing temper and nerves…

What do think about NYC streetstyle? Tell us in the comments below!