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Finland isn’t known for its food culture. There is one though, not as famous as for example French or Italian cuisine, or any other to be honest. What a shame.


We have Carelian pies, reindeer stew, spinach leaf soap, rye bread and many many other delicious foods! Finnish food is coming from the nature because we haven’t always been a very prosperious nation. We made food out of what we could have from fields and forests. So we haven’t made it through (yet), but we have still some pretty amazing food channels to follow! The logic is same as 100  years ago: Fresh from the nature.
We have listed below our favorite ones from Instagram:
Tuulia has published together with Virpi Mikkonen a best-selling cookbook of vegan ice creams. N’ICE CREAM BOOK  has over 80 recipes of how to make delicious and healthy ice creams.
@VANELJA (98,6k)
Virpi Mikkonen aka Vanelja share a bit same style with food decorations and photography style as Tuulia (no wonder they made a cookbook together), but Virpi has more photos also of herself. We think it’s great to show your personality even if it’s a food inpiration channel. Remember to watch also Virpi’s beautiful Instagram Stories.
Candidate in the Inspiration Blog Awards as a newcomer of the year, Saara Atula from blog Viimeista murua myoten, has gained fast popularity among foodies in Finland. She’s also a photographer which makes her profile different from others  –  she also has beautiful still life photography of food with a darker touch.


Clever layouts and inspirational food decorations must be the reasons why Cloudberrytales have gained such a huge popularity among foodies around the world. There is also one big difference compared to others – Cloudberrytales doesn’t share her private life on Instagram. We don’t even know her name but the little birds have told us It may be Mari… So the mystery continues.