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Our little nation turns 100 years on 6th of December. We had the honor to be the official media partner for the #Finland100NYC events on this festive year!




We were asked this summer by the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce and FTDA – Finnish Tech, Design and Art to be the official media partner of Finland 100 NYC events in New York. Of course we said YES! The New York Fashion Week took place at the same time so we had many reasons to come to New York at that time.

The hectic week started with the opening party on Saturday at Gary’s Loft. Next to the majestic Empire State Building, big white and blue balloons with Finland 100 logos on them hanged around the rooftop, glitter dresses, golden confetti up in the sky, well you get the point – the evening was something to remember!

At the party there were Finnish art performances, inspirational speeches and Finnish brands represented.

We had traditional Finnish snacks and drinks like cranberry coctails, Finnish veggies and meatballs. People were happy to celebrate Finland – their homeland, home of their dearest friends, where their roots are, country that has honest and hardworking people.

Finland is known for its beautiful and harsh nature, great education and healthcare system, calm and sometimes little bit shy people. But we’re so much more as a nation. We have a lot going on under the surface. We are proud of where we come from and proud of each others’ success when we Finns conquer the world. We have certain silent power that has lot of potential especially when brought together.

We loved that the party had people with such different backgrounds. We had a lot of Finns naturally attending the event, but also a lot of Americans. There were young and old chatting to each other, famous bloggers and everyday workers sitting on the same couch. People telling stories about Finland and what it means to be a Finn.

The room was full of positive energy, laughter and chatting. All for celebrating the 100-year-old, independent Finland. 100 years behind and many more to come! We love you Finland, our beloved homeland! ?