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Hi there! It’s me CO-Founder of FEDITED, Managing Director, CEO, Mother of Dragons etc. What other titles can we come up to… In this article I should tell something about me. First of all, I hate everything boring. So I don’t want to do a boring introduction of myself. I love challenges so here we go – this is me straight out:



I have the weirdest sense of humour. Or so I’ve heard. I’ve been raised by strong parents and I’
m the oldest of four sisters. Somehow it still turned around that I’m the least stabile and calmest even though I should set an example for my sisters. Sorry mum, but you can’t have everything…


When I was a teenager I used to think too much of what other people thought about me. At some point I understood it took a lot of energy and I wasn’t really me. Since then I have just let go and actually have gained more great things in my life. Now I have amazing people around me and I’m following my dreams.
I believe there is a no dream too big for me. I have the balls. I have my own voice and guts to try things others are still dreaming of doing. For me, actions speak louder than words. I believe in myself and people around me. Positivity creates positivity, and we have a lot to give if we just dare to try.
My heart is kind. Whatever my closest ones ask me to do, I’ll do it in the middle of the night and even go to another side of the world for them. I’ll be there.


I’ve always been really into fashion.  My favourite childhood memories are when we went out shopping with mum to a local boutique. When I was young (yes I’m old, I’ve found some wrinkles already…), I loved the clothes I got to choose but after some kids from school laughed at them (pink leather jacket and glitter shoes), I was too embarrassed to wear them anymore. Luckily, I have built a high self-esteem, so bitches you can laugh as much as you like and I won’t give a shit.
I have tried different styles from a really sophisticated golfer to a badass snowboarder (please see below 😉 ). At some point, I wore only mens clothes. Nowadays, I like to buy clothes from Finnish designers and vintage shops. (And I recommend everyone to do same! I have found some amazing garments with only a couple of euros!!). I feel my style is nowadays some rock’n roll vibes mixed with classy pieces. And I still like to wear mens clothes as part of my outfit…


I love accessories because combining them to your outfit makes you a some sort of artist – you can learn about fashion and style but not everyone is born with a visual eye. And creativity is my most important feature I’m grateful of. When I’m home alone, I love to try on my (or my mum’s, sisters’, granny’s..) clothes and accessories and come up with a new outfit ideas.
I have noticed that the best way to make an impact is to first show your bubbly and easy-going personality and then show them you actually have brains too. I have no problem to laugh at myself yet I never stop being myself, confident badass with a great sense of humour and good head on my shoulders. Intelligence is sexy, so don’t play stupid.
I have always loved to challenge myself (as well as others around me). I have always been in some kinda “special” classes in school: more sports and math in comprehensive school and in high school I went to an international class where almost every subject was in English. Due to my background in family business, I have been keen on combining business and creativity. After high school I decided pursue my dreams and started studying fashion marketing. Since then, I’ve worked as a Fashion Trainee in a PR Office, Head of Marketing for a Fashion App and Content Creator in a Social Media Office. Today I work as a Creative Consultant and Photographer (www.sariannesolio.com).
Finally, here we are with our new baby FEDITED. Can’t even tell you how excited I am with this one. This is going to be something so awesome!! We promise you that!
XOXO, Sarianne
PS. You can follow me on Instagram: @SARIANNESOLIO