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Hello helloo! I’m the Co-Founder and Creative Director of FEDITED, and also a visual artist, interior architect, fashion designer, stylist, illustrator, model, yogi… I never wanna start telling about what I do because the list seems endless!! But in the creative field, everything you do is supporting your own artistic point of view — and creativity comes in many forms!




I’m the oldest of six kids — I have five younger brothers (who are btw all handsome and talented athletes!). So I’ve been bossing around my whole life, babysitting, working as a gymnastics coach, having my own business (www.emmikainulainen.com) for a couple of years.

I’m a multipassionated superoptimistic dreamer with lots of ambition and determination to achieve my goals in life. KEEP THIS IN MIND: Your thoughts create your reality, so make sure you’re thinking positively all. the. time.



My job as a fashion model for 8 years has taught me a lot, how fashion is a beautiful form of art, a way to tell a unique story with a talented crew. The final editorial/campaign photo is always the result of the whole team, how we can achieve something beautiful and meaningful together.

About six years ago I started styling editorial photoshoots, first by bringing only the fabrics on the location and sewing the clothes on the models — let’s keep this short — things somehow evolved and now I have my own fashion and art brand CHAÎNE (www.chaine.co, go check it out)! ⚡



Since I can remember I’ve been painting and drawing. It’s kind of a meditative state for me to forget about everything else and go with the flow. I love being able to reflect my personality through art — as it’s best a piece of art can work as a piece of mindfulness in your hectic life.



I did my comprehensive school in musical classes, singing in a choir and a band, later I was in sports school — I did gymnastics and played volleyball my whole young life when I was growing up, also went to drawing school and made clothes for my barbie dolls, yet never thought that I could really have a career in fashion.??‍♀️

In high school I randomly sent my pictures in a model competition, won it… and thought that this fashion world could actually be fun!  I’ve been modeling since then, with Fondi Models in Finland while working and studying in the design field, and with Ford Models in the USA. ??

Last year I earned a degree in Interior Architecture & Design after 4 years of studies.  I’ve also studied International Business and Wellness Management — so I feel like all my passions are coming together in FEDITED.COM!

Beyond excited to start this journey, so WELCOME AND ENJOY THE RIDE WITH US! This is going to be fabulous.

XOXO, Emmi

PS. You can follow me on Instagram: @EMMIKAINULAINEN